My Medication Breakthrough Without having Health insurance

In our economic times, people are taking extreme measures to eliminate costs. Companies are laying off, Cutting budgets, leaving 1 out of 10 people jobless. Getting work done in the construction field unfortunately I am now a figure. I really do obtain a every week paycheck (nothing close to wages I once had) but find my self without insurance coverage. I am unable to afford cobra insurance as the costs are shocking. I started doing some serious research to determine how to get my FDA approved medication without establishing thousands of dollars in medical debt along the way Tramadol shipping.

I started out contacting local healthcare providers to get price quotes on costs for a consultation with a doctor. I located a conclusion most providers will send two billings for one date of service. Ex: If i have a consult with a doctor — my accounts receivable would consist of a facility accounts receivable (~$95. 00- $155. 00) & a Doctors accounts receivable (~$90. 00) totaling approximately ~$230. 00 allowing me to get a prescription. I started searching the web for alternative options.

Getting work done in construction, my job contains very strenuous work and I suffer from severe knee and back pain. My particular search was for pain relievers (Tramadol, Ultracet, Ultram) and Muscle Relaxers (Carisoprodol, Flexeril). There is a lot of competition on the web. I read multiple reviews on companies and if it’s too good to be true, well it’s most likely a scam. There are a lot of overseas pharmacies offering discount prescription medications or cheap prescription medications. I focus on the us based businesses available and came across a C & C Health Solutions by Googling Reduced Prescription medications. They are a side from a hot from a health solutions Network committed on its excellence. I could obtain my tramadol prescription through there they had multiple prescription medications available from my needs to even Sexual health. These prices were exactly as they advertise when comparing with other online pharmacy stores. I am always hesitant on processing a payment online so i contacted there customer service dept. It was nice to get a live person on the phone; they walked me through the ordering process as a list of questions is essential to get my prescription. I even got a 10% discount being a new customer. It only took me two days to obtain my medication and when logged in I could monitor my order details from doctors consent — pharmacy processing — too following day shipping.