How to Spot a Fake Air Jordan

The market for fake purses and clothing styles has exploded to include athletic shoes and it is costing consumers and business billions of dollars. According to a written report by Stop Fakes, a government consumer information site this fake market is costing businesses over $2 thousand dollars every year to catch and prosecute criminals Jordan fake sneakers.

Unfortunately there are many people who wish to make money so they really discover a way to make phony (fake) products. The counterfeiting of anything is obtaining and it is a criminal offense. If you do a look online for the fake market you will see how out of control it is and how people are prosecuted daily for these violations.

Unfortunately the knockoffs continue and the best or most high-ticket fakes are the ones that people want and counterfeiters make for the market.

How to spot fake Air Jordans

Every company has a logo and has certain characteristics of their product lines. They have taken great pains to develop them with the public in mind. Before you buy a pair of athletic shoes go online and look at the design you like and take some notes. When you go to the shoe store or when you shop online make sure that what you get meets those specs.

As an example, let’s take a look at the Jordan 12 which is the newest style of Air Jordans. The company did a lot of detail on the shoes that you might not see on a fake. A number of things like how the shoe is made, where Michael Jordan’s name is defined and where his thumbprint was placed on the shoes.

Also, the jumpman logo has changed in size and the shoes are produced from specific materials. In order to get the right footwear for women, you should know where to look on the shoe for these things. If you see a purple Air Jordan XXIII than you know that it is a fake because these shoes were only released in black, white and School Red.

Another way to limit your likelihood of buying a fake is to only buy from legitimate businesses. Most online stores will tell you they only sell authentic Air Jordans. In the shopping mall or a local shoe store you can get a very close look at the shoes. If a shoe store or merchant sells variants than you know automatically these are fakes.